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Project Description

NETMF EnOcean project provides sample implementation code to handle to connect EnOcean ESP3 protocol in NET Micro Framework C# application.

These are .NET Micro Framework and .NET Gadgeteer EnOcean projects. EnOcean is energy harvesting standard technology and wireless communication protocol. This enables battery-less wireless communication for many devices and sensors. The latest version EnOcean Dolphon V4 chip can communicate over 100 meter distance.


R1083454p320.jpg STM431J.jpg


GadgeteerBee is the first sample for .NET Gadgeteer to connect EnOcean ESP3 with OcenaBee. This receives PTM switch and STM sensor data telegrams by OceanBee, TCM310 based Serial interface Receiver. And this shows simple switch status, temperature and humidity information. This is an introduction guide, which shows how to get EnOcean ESP3 with .NET Gadgeteer, .NET Micro Framework, and C# Language. In order to execute these codes, you should provide USB300(C) or TCM3x0(C) based interface for your NETMF board like OceanBee.


The second project, GadgeteerEnOcean includes ERP2 on ESP3 protocol handling for 928MHz TCM and USB 400J. This shows simple telegram filter function, too.

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